Lecturers in detail


Company Profile:
Atlantic is a producer of grindings wheels, segments and honing stones. We provide high quality products for customers in steel and roll industry worldwide. It is our passion to be one of the best grinding wheel producer with the highest product quality and best product consistency. Atlantic focus on tailor made high quality products with the best technical support to our customer.

Key figures:
28 Million US$ in global revenue in 2018
230 employees worldwide

We offer for the Rolling Industry:

  • Cost reduction through shorter grinding processes
  • High quality roller surfaces
  • Consistent Quality

Your Benefits:

  • Higher grinding performance through advanced tailor-made product quality
  • Improved roll surface without scratches, chatter-marks and feed lines
  • Over 90 years of experience in grinding technology qualified technical support at your plant before, at and after trials 

Abstract for Hot & Cold Rolling:
Speaker: Christian Mohr (Product Manager, Atlantic GmbH) and Alexander Arnold (Application Engineer, Atlantic GmbH)
The steel industry is characterized by constant change and increasing requirements. With the help of our research and development department and our global technical service we can face these challenges and provide tailor-made solutions for your application. One of our latest developments is the Krypton technology that increases the lifetime and performance of the grinding wheel.
On the base of real examples we would like to show you, that we are able to optimize your grinding process.


Maschinenfabrik Herkules GmbH & Co. KG

Company Profile:
Founded in 1911, Herkules has delivered about 2000 roll grinders to rolling mills all around the world.
Herkules machine design, control technology including fastest feedback rates and measuring on-the-fly concept enable a grinding process which leads to a highly homogeneous roll barrel surface with increased roll performance and highest output rates.
As your partner, Herkules offers first-class machine technology, machine performance and – with its worldwide service network – a first-class after sales service.

Abstract for Hot & Cold Rolling:
Speaker: Ralf Klews

  • Herkules Value adding technologies and its benefits (technical, CAPEX, OPEX)
  • Herkules measuring and control technologies
  • Herkules Roll Texturing Technology
  • Industry 4.0


Lechler GmbH

Company Profile:
ENGINEERING YOUR SPAY SOLUTION for your plant and your machine is the objective of the Lechler experts globally. The US-German manufacturer of precision spray nozzles and nozzle systems for the Metallurgical Industry with production and engineering facilities in the USA is offering plant life cycle support to operators of metallurgical plant and machinery. 

Key figures:
121 Million US$ in global revenue in 2018
700 employees worldwide in 6 plants 

We offer for the Rolling Industry:

  • Competence in providing roll cooling and pickling line solutions with optimized nozzle and header arrangements
  • Selectospray® Selective roll cooling systems for flatness control  in cold rolling
  • Competence in providing high pressure descaling solutions with optimized Scalemaster nozzle and header arrangements for hot rolling
  • Total nozzle management concept

Your Benefits:

  • Increase of roll service life
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Improvement of strip surface quality, shape and flatness

Abstract for Hot Rolling:
Speaker: Jürgen Frick, Director Metallurgy, Lechler GmbH Germany
Steel producers recognize Lechler as partners providing life cycle support to rolling mills by continuously bringing in new nozzle innovations thereby optimizing the performance of the whole system with regard to reduction of energy consumption (OPEX) and surface quality of the rolled material. Lechler will present a case study of a hot strip mill where the application of the latest Scalemaster HPS descaling nozzle technology combined with new MillConfig.Descale application software resulted in very significant energy cost savings.  

Abstract Cold Rolling:
Speaker: Ismael (Tito) Torres, Metallurgical Sales Manager, Lechler Inc. USA
When it comes to roll cooling Lechler knows the objective that is to find the perfect balance of heat in order to reduce flaws in the rolled product by providing you with the optimal spray header solution engineered specifically into your mill. The fundamentals of advanced roll cooling technologies will always be applied.  We will show you some typical examples.


Steinhoff GmbH & Cie. OHG

Company Info
Steinhoff, founded in 1908, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forged hardened steel rolls. A thoroughly trained and experienced workforce, modern equipment, extensive know-how in roll manufacturing and permanent R&D activities ensure a product of first class quality. Our rolls are in operation at many renowned steel and non-ferrous mills throughout the world. Willingness of our customers to place repeat orders with us is the best proof of our excellent product quality and level of technical service

Topic of the speech
Latest developments of roll grades for increasing requirements on the cold rolling process

Dr. Hartmut Bruns
PHD in Materials Science, Sales Engineer, more than 20 years experience in the roll business

The development of rolled steel grades over last years is showing a constant increase of the tensile strength at the expense of ductility what of course more and more challenges the rolling process and consequently the rolls with respect to higher rolling loads, better wear resistance, homogeneity of the barrel surface, reduced hardness drop, suppressing of chrome plating and last but not least schedule free rolling. The lecture will introduce you to the portfolio of Steinhoff roll grades starting from standard qualities up to the latest stage of development, the powder metallurgical rolls.